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What we do

Custom software development

Make it happen for your business with tailored online development and smart tech that streamlines your processes, elevates your product experience, and achieves your business goals


Website development

Launching small and organic businesses by creating web sites that connect with customers and sell.

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App development

Technical partnership for funded startups, providing web, mobile, desktop and phone app development.

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Platform development

Bringing growth and intelligence to established business through custom development of business-wide platforms.

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Who we are

Diverse technologists

21 years of experience building websites, setting up communication systems, and growing businesses has molded us into a solid team that truly works as one no matter the distance and cultural background we have.

We work remotely, not only to save costs, but also to be more environmentally sustainable, tap international talent, and support work-life balance, all while demostrating the benefits of digitizing and streamlining processes online.

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