Technical partnership for funded startups

You have a great idea for an app, have secured funding for it, but can't find the right people to help you get it off the ground?

You aren't alone. Our research shows that one of the biggest hassles business owners face with web and app development is finding the right talent to get it done.

Worse still - you may have tried engaging freelancers to build your app only to get burned by half completed or low quality work, or to find the freelancer seemingly disappearing off the planet.

The truth is that in order to build an app succesfully, it requires a managed team of developers, using tried and true development methodologies.

That can become very expensive, very quickly.

Intellis bridges the gap between cost and managed development by having built a team of dedicated online workers, and implementing our own workflows to get smart, quality work done quickly and at much lower costs when compared to other managed development agencies in Australia.

Early delivery, incremental improvements

We work with you to identify the absolute minumum requirements for the app to deliver value to you or your market. This is commonly called the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

By building and launching the MVP first, and then performing incremental small improvements you;

  1. get your app to market quicker, beating competition and bringing in revenue much earlier;
  2. have the opportunity to respond to the market and build in later features that the customer actually wants, not what you think they want;
  3. enforce simplicity and great user interface over a large number of features; and
  4. create the possiblity of building most of the app on revenue rather than initial investment.

Apps for any device, across devices

Intellis builds apps using a web-centric approach and using tools that enable cross-platform deployment.

While you would typically launch your MVP on one platform, successive delivery of your app onto other platforms is streamlined and consistent.

This means your app could be built for and deployed for many platforms including web, desktop, mobile, tablets and wearable devices, using any OS such as Android, Android Wear, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux or Tizen (Samsung Gear). We build apps for all of these.

I take a lean-startup approach: creating agile, interdisciplinary teams that get the minimum viable product to market as soon as possible.

Todd Park - Former Chief Technology Officer of the United States


Get your idea built, how you want it built

We work closely with you to ensure that we clearly understand what you want built, and how you want it built.

More than this, we excel at understanding the why - the purpose behind your app - so that we learn to think the same as you do about it.

You have open access to collaborate directly with all our team members working on your project, and you have final sign-off of any work com pleted.

You rightfully stay in full control of your app and how it is built.

Engage us on retainer

Intellis offers the option of engaging us on a monthly retainer to build and maintain your app.

This gives you a fixed, known monthly spend as well as knowing your development team is always on call and not going anywhere.

Our retainer packages also include additional features, such as all the technical services you will require to launch and deploy your app.

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