Apps that are easy to use and engage with.

You've secured funding for an app idea or startup that you need to get off the ground? Then a technical partnersip with Intellis is your next step.

App development

Successfully building an app requires a managed team of developers, using tried and tested development methodologies. Often, this becomes an incredibly expensive endeavor.

Intellis bridges the gap between cost and managed development by providing access to our in-house team of software development specialists, and implementing our purpose built workflows to get smart, quality work done quickly and thoughtfully.

You're the captain

Get your idea built, how you want it built

We excel at understanding the ‘why’; the purpose behind your app. We work closely with you so we clearly understand what you want, and how you want it built. We learn to think like you do.

You rightfully stay in full control of the entire process, from beginning to end. You have open access to collaborate directly with all team members involved in your project. And at the end of the day, you have the final sign-off of any work completed.

You are the captain of the ship, steering us in the right direction.


Early delivery, incremental improvements

We work together to identify the absolute minimum requirements for the app to be valuable to your market, also known as the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

After building and launching the MVP, we then continue to perform small incremental improvements on it. This process allows you to get your app to market quicker, beating the competition and bringing in revenue much earlier, while also adapting rapidly to real world outcomes.

Cross platform

Apps for any and all devices

Intellis builds apps using a web-centric approach. We utilize tools that enable cross-platform deployment, ensuring the delivery of your app onto other platforms is streamlined and consistent.

This means your app could be built for and deployed for many platforms including web, desktop, mobile, tablets and wearable devices, using any OS such as Android, Android Wear, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Linux or Tizen (Samsung Gear).

Interested in getting your project started?

Engage us on retainer

You have the option of subscribing to a monthly retainer package to build and maintain your app. For a fixed monthly fee, your development team at Intellis is working and on call to build and support your app.

Our retainer packages also provide additional features, including all the technical services you will require to launch and deploy your app.

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Project kick-off

Your project is estimated for time based on included hours rather than for cost. This includes development, as well as other services such as coaching, project management, web hosting and cloud IT support.

By avoiding lengthy documentation and contract negotiation, we are able to start work quickly and deliver it sooner.


Specify features

We want to make sure that we're on the same page regarding the functionality of your app. By specifying each feature as we go, we gain clarity in the required components, interactions, and user experience. You also have confidence that we understand your requirements, and our team has clear, testable outcomes to work towards.

Design & build

Monthly development cycle

At the start of each month, we provide a detailed report on development progress of the previous month, an updated schedule for the coming month, and up-to-date recommendations for coming months.

Continuous delivery

Continuous weekly deliverables

We deliver individual features as soon as they are built so that you can review, test, and experience the product early.

Fixed budget

Fixed scheduled payments

You can choose between weekly or monthly payments. Whichever option you choose, you remain in control of your budget, and will have weekly updates of how time has been applied.

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