Integrate with cloud apps

Leverage cloud solutions built by world experts and remove the headaches of maintaining your own IT infrastructure


There's nothing magic or mysterious about cloud computing. It is simply the application of best practices in security, redundancy, scalability, caching, performance, data protection, and maintenance of IT infrastructure and making that available to organisations on a pay-for-use basis.

Meaning...? Your business or organisation can migrate your IT infrastructure to these providers, solve your biggest IT issues immediately, allow your team to work from anywhere, and save considerable amounts of money in the process.

You wouldn't be alone in doing this. Netflix serves it's videos from Amazon Web Services (AWS) locations around the world. Twitter likewise runs on AWS. Spotify runs on Google Cloud. Even much of the New South Wales government runs on Microsoft Azure, as well as other states.

Intellis have been integrating and building applications on all major cloud providers since cloud computing has been a thing.

Integrate with third party applications

Third party apps

A platform doesn't necessarily replace the software and apps you are currently using, but instead can extend and automate interactions with those apps.

Most popular third party apps and sites offer integration points to enable exactly this.

Consider the pain of copying data from one software package you use to another. For example: moving contact data from your CRM to your accounting package can be both time consuming and error prone. Imagine being able to select a CRM lead, click a button, and not only having that lead appear in your accounting package automatically, but also have their first invoice raised and sent automatically.


Imagine your staff entering a job into a custom built web form, and having invoices and reports automatically generated.

Imagine your customers being able to chat to your business in the form of a Bot on Facebook Messenger, in order to find out information such as order status, account balances, and current prices. Imagine them also being able to create orders, make payments and book an appointment using the same chat bot.

All of this is not only plausible, but very much a reality when you build a platform for your business.

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