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Facebook messenger fills in a growing need for connected businesses: fast and easy communication!

Intellis can help you build your own Facebook Messenger chatbot that is designed and suited to your business and your customer's needs.

What are Facebook Messenger Chatbots?

With the widespread use of Instant messengers such as Facebook Messenger and smart assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, the use of chatbots is becoming increasingly common. These chatbots often chat conversationally using natural language.

Due to the development of Facebook Messenger chatbots, it has now become a remarkable tool for a faster, seamless customer service and business transaction. Messenger has now the advantage of creating support for interactive chat with templates including buttons, hints, images etc. Now, you can automate common actions, answer frequently asked questions and assist your customers with other tasks.

Why a Custom Built Chatbot?

Customising your chatbot can help you and your business in many ways. First, it allows integration with customer database and other systems to automate common actions and deal with real data. Second, it builds conversations and actions around your own business processes. Third, it can handle queries 24/7 and will hand off to real staff members when it can't handle a request.

Messenger conversations are natively mobile and can be accessed even through free data. But though the Facebook Messenger chatbot is more suitable to a mobile environment, most experiences can also be done on a website or within a desktop browser. Be early to market with this relatively new platform.

What Can You Do with Your Facebook Messenger Chatbots?

Here are the things you can do when you have your own Facebook Messenger chatbot:

Through your messenger

  • Sell your goods and services
  • Deliver receipts and other notifications
  • Automatically answer queries
  • Inform customer about their accounts and orders
  • Deliver customised documents and images to users
  • Send barcoded messages for ticketing and tracking
  • Deliver news and non-promotional content
  • Send productivity reminders and updates

Your customised chatbot also allows your customer to book appointments. See our demo chatbot below or click here to view our bot in messenger.

Complete Integration with Your Systems

Facebook Messenger chatbots are not only bound to the four corners of FB; you can also fully integrate them with your systems. We can build chatbots from the ground up and can integrate them with any number of other systems which include web sites, phone systems, social accounts, CRMs, custom databases, shopping experiences, content publishing, productivity apps (calendars, tasks etc) and support desk software.

Facebook Messenger chatbots go way beyond 'chat' - it has so much more to offer. And we at Intellis can make your own Facebook Messenger chatbot that will become a part of your business-wide platform for a better customer experience. We will build the chatbot the way you and your customers want it to be. Book an appointment with us today. Otherwise, call or leave us a message.