As they say - talk is cheap!

With the pervasiveness of web and email, phone systems and calls can seem relatively expensive. However, if you think of voice as "data", the same way as text or an image is "data", then it need not be.

Lets face it - as much as we'd like to hide - email works to a point but nothing seals the deal like hopping on the phone and actually talking to your people.

Our phone solutions are intended to put the technology in the background, to make advanced phone solutions work simply so that communication over the phone is an enjoyable (and cheap) experience; for you, your staff, and especially your customers.

With our FoneCall™ phone network in Australia, we can offer low cost, reliable, quality calls from VoIP networks anywhere in the world to the traditional (PSTN) phone network.

Truly, business in the clouds

You might not of heard, but more and more of what we do in business is "in the clouds". Webmail, Google Apps, Facebook and iCloud are all examples of how we are tending to move away from doing things 'in-house'.

It's a great concept, especially for new business, as it allows you to be completely flexible with your resources as you grow, and for small expenditure utilise all the services that the "big boys" do.

We'd like to enable you, for example, to have your work force work from home, and still be connected like they were in the office.

Call us!

To see how effective voice can be, give us a call (1300 663 538), and we can have a chat about your phone needs.

Or if you would like to know more, you can read through the specific phone solutions we offer.

  • Phone Systems. Upgrade your phone line to a full featured phone system with an in house server.
  • Hosted IVR. Ideal for remote teams and custom systems, without the expense.
  • Programming. We can make your phone do crazy things (man...)
  • Web Integration. We do web sites really well, and we also offer flexible phone systems. So why not make them work together?.