Intellis: Expert Asterisk integrators

The combination of our expertise and Asterisk makes it simple for us to create and deploy a wide range of telephony applications and services to help your business.

Asterisk makes it simple to create and deploy a wide range of telephony applications and services.

With Asterisk, we can build anything from small business solutions to complex multi-location enterprise communication systems using standard computer hardware or cloud based infrastructure.

As a Certified Asterisk integrator, we can help you create the custom communications solution that is right for you.


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Telephone App development

Custom telephone app development

By combining Asterisk, our skilled development team, and Aussie voice talent, Intellis builds tightly integrated, custom telephone applications, including

  • IVRs (Press 1 for...)
  • Phone payment solutions
  • Voice synthesis and recognition
  • Information lines
  • Database / CRM integration

App development

On-premises phone systems

We are suppliers of leading Asterisk-based phone systems such as Digium Switchvox and Xorcom Astribanks.

Improve your office and corporate communications by installing a phone system for less cost than you might expect.

Staff are able to place calls to and from their own extension, answer calls from queues, operate their own voice-mail, transfer calls, and many other functions expected from any enterprise phone system.

Cloud based phone systems

Cloud based phone systems

Mobilise and expand your workforce, offer you staff alternative working arrangements, or host phone applications in the cloud.

Intellis makes this possible by offering cloud based hosting for small IVR applications, private VoIP connectivity and full scale dedicated Asterisk virtual servers.

App development

Handsets and hardware

We offer a full range of phone hardware from IP based phone handsets, devices to connect with traditional telephone systems (including mobile), and large-scale VoIP gateways


Asterisk: The worlds most widely adopted open source communications software

Asterisk is open source software used by virtually all companies listed in the Fortune 1000 that turns any PC into a fully featured telephone and communications platform.

An asterisk system can be used for a range of purposes: as a small business phone system to handle phone calls and instant messaging, to build phone applications, or to handle large scale operations such as phone networks or call centres.

Asterisk can be used to connect to VoIP providers and handsets over the Internet, or to standard telephone connections and handsets using additional hardware. Transform phone communication within your organisation using the power of Asterisk and Intellis' expert guidance.


Asterisk configuration


Asterisk configuration