Phone application programming

i-Possible is able to create fully customised, programmed modules that run on either hosted or on-premises systems to process calls in any way imaginable.

Here are some examples;

Simple Auto-Attendant

Press 1 for sales, 2 for service, 3 for billing etc.

Advanced Menus (IVR)

Extending the menu system allows for advanced automated functionality such as;

  • Accept and charge credit card payments over the phone automatically
  • Check account balances
  • Provide recorded information services
  • Order products
  • Enter passwords
  • In fact, any service that you can think of that is offered by phone can be built by our team.

Software / Address Book Integration

We are able to integrate your phone system with information available from software on your systems or over the internet to handle, identify and service callers.

For example, we can check incoming callers against your CRM or address book software to identify existing customers. These calls can then be automatically sent to the appropriate extension, where the caller's name will appear on the phone's screen.

Speech Recognition

All of the above services can be extended by enabling speech recognition for callers (rather than pressing buttons) and text-to-speech services.

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