Phone and web site integration

Your web site can become aware of your phone system and vice-versa

This allows for tight integration between communication services within your organisation. Here are some examples;

Caller control panel

Callers can be identified by caller id or a pin number, and then displayed on a web-based operator panel.

Operators can take calls by pressing a button on the web site, simultaneously giving the operator immediate access to the user's details on the web site.


Web site visitors can enter their number and click a button to have the phone system call them an connect their call to an extension or menu system. Naturally, existing users of the web site where their number is know would be able to click a link or button and be connected immediately, and be identified to the receiving extension. A similar service is browser integration for your staff, so that staff browsing the web can click on a phone number on any web site and be connected to that number automatically.

Phone number verification

In situations where it is important to ensure that users are entering their phone number correctly, a web site is able to call the user and ask for confirmation.

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