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Entrepreneurs and businesses often build apps to be distributed and used by external markets. These present business opportunities in themselves, and are often a great way to build a business.

But businesses often miss the opportunity to invest into software development to manage and automate their own business, although taking this step can propel a business forward immensly.

This presents an opportunity for businesses that do invest in custom apps and sofware for their business to stand out and outstrip their competition.


What is a platform?

More than a website that brings in sales, or an app that performs a business function, a platform is a tightly integrated, cross platform, set of sites, apps and communication systems that is custom built around the specific requirements, workflows and specialisations of your business.

It is effectively a mirror image of your business, enshrined directly in to software. You don't adapt your systems to work around the platform - the platform is built to work around and with your systems.

It manages and is aware of every business interaction. It enables your customers to self-manage, be aware and in control of their transactions with you. It provides tight control over your business process, reducing possiblity of human error. It has real time data and reporting, so that you have an up-to-date, dashboard-like overview of your business at any point in time.

It provides security, financial accountability, and peace of mind.

Most importantly, by automating your business, it enables you to scale without friction, giving you a unique edge over your competition that they aren't able to replicate with an off the shelf product.

It's Uber vs taxis

It's Airbnb vs hotels

It's Netflix vs video rentals

It's Amazon vs your local bookstore

It's eBay vs classifieds

It's your smart business vs your industry...

Transform and scale your business, one step at a time


Starting with your platform need not be a daunting process that requires heavy investment and business risk.

It can be as simple as identifying the single pain-point in your business that causes the greatest bottleck to both your process and growth, and removing that pain point by building software to automate it, potentially making it the most efficient part of your business.

That improvement provides growth and value for your business, making the cost of the implementation a fast-returning investment, rather than the sunken costs that inefficiency brings.

The return on this investment enables you to continue to repeat the above process with other areas of your business, eventually building a single, integrated platform that handles every aspect of your workflow.

From there, you have the ability to introduce products and services that aren't even a possibility for your competition.

Intellis works closely with our customers to identify these points of improvement, and continuously develops software that at each point delivers business value; without a large initial investment or exposure to needless risk.

Gain business value on each and every deliverable


What do you hope to gain? Essentially, any potential business value can be categorised into what we call the 5 business values

  • Direct value: Value that directly affects your bottom line, such as a cost saving measure, or improvements in profitibility.
  • Market value: Providing a new product or service to take to market, or increasing the market for existing product or services.
  • Customer value: Improving the experience for customers, increasing the likelihood for sales, retention, loyalty, and referrals.
  • Efficiency value: Enabling you and your team do what you do even better, in turn affecting all other areas of value in your business.
  • Owner value: Brings the owners and managers of the business increased awareness, ease, peace of mind or an improvement in lifestyle.

Any of these values can be provided by custom platform development.

Integrate with third party applications

A platform doesn't necessarily replace software and apps you are currently using, but instead can extend and automate interactions with those apps.

Most popular third party apps and sites offer integration points to enable exactly this.

Consider the pain of copying data from one software package you use to another. For example: moving contact data from your CRM to your accounting package can be both time consuming and error prone. Imagine being able to select a CRM lead, click a button, and not only having that lead appear in your accounting package automatically, but also have their first invoice raised and sent automatically.

Imagine your staff entering a job into a custom built web form, and having invoices and reports automatically generated.

Imagine your customers being able to chat to your business in the form of a Bot on Facebook Messenger, in order to find out information such as order status, account balances, and current prices. Imagine them also being able to create orders, make payments and book an appointment using the same chat bot.

All of this is not only plausible, but very much a reality when you build a platform for your business. Check out our Integrations page for more information, and a list of some apps that we can integrate.


Expert, multi-disciplinary team

Intellis is an experienced team of designers and developers, each specialising in our own field of web site, app and software development. We put the right people on each task, so that it is completed with expert knowledge and efficiency.

We've been in business for 20 years, and have seen startups launch successfully and our client's businesses revolutionised by the gradual implementation and growth of their own platform.

Our Platform and Platform Plus retainer packages are ideal for building your platform over time with known costs and little risk.

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