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Radically transform your existing business by building web based software for and around your specific business processes and requirements.

Platform development

Automating your business processes through the development of custom software built around those very processes provides the opportunity to streamline your internal systems, improve customer experience, provide vital insights, and get an edge over your competitors.

We, at Intellis, refer to this as a platform; a tightly integrated, cross platform, set of sites, apps and communication systems that is custom-built around the specific requirements, workflows and specialisations of your business.

It is effectively a mirror image of your business, enshrined directly in to software. You don't adapt your systems to work around the platform - the platform is built to work around and with your systems.

It manages and is aware of every business interaction. It enables your customers to self-manage, be aware and be in control of their transactions with you. It provides tight control over your business process, reducing possibility of human error. It has real time data and reporting, so that you have an up-to-date, dashboard-like overview of your business at any point in time.

It provides security, financial accountability, and peace of mind.

Transform and scale

Transform and scale your business, one step at a time

Intellis works closely with you in every step of creating the platform. First, we identify the single paint-point in your business that causes the greatest bottleneck to both your process and growth. Then, we’ll remove that pain point by building software to automate it, potentially making it the most efficient part of your business.

That improvement provides growth and value for your business, making the cost of the implementation a fast-returning investment, rather than the sunken costs that inefficiency brings.

The ROI enables you to continue to repeat the above process with other areas of your business, eventually building a single, integrated platform that handles every aspect of your workflow.

From there, you have the ability to introduce products and services that aren't even a possibility for your competition. This is all possible without a large initial investment or exposure to needless risk.

Gain business value on each and every deliverable

What do you hope to gain? Essentially, any potential business value can be categorised into what we call the 5 business values:

Direct value

Direct value

Value that directly affects your bottom line, such as a cost-saving measure, or improvements in profitability.

Market value

Market value

Providing a new product or service to take to market, or increasing the market for existing product or services.

Customer value

Customer value

Improving the experience for customers, increasing the likelihood for sales, retention, loyalty, and referrals.

Efficiency value

Efficiency value

Enabling you and your team do what you do even better, in turn affecting all other areas of value in your business.

Owner value

Owner value

Brings the owners and managers of the business increased awareness, ease, peace of mind or an improvement in lifestyle.

Our development options



Planned development at a fixed quote.



Partnership at a fixed, ongoing budget. Recommended.

Ad hoc

Ad hoc

Pay-as-you-go per feature.

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