Web sites designed and built the right way, from the start

Getting a simple web site built is more often than not a daunting and confusing task. It shouldn't be

Not only are there a bunch of providers around with conflicting advice and a wide range of prices, there are an extraordinary number of factors and services that go into delivering a web site that both looks good and actually works.

It leaves you wondering who to choose, whether they will be able to deliver, and what they will include.

With 20 years of experience building web sites, we know what works and doesn't work, and what is required to build an effective, modern web site. And we can do it in less time, and therefore less cost for the outcome you get.

Every new site that we deliver considers and includes all of the following;

  • Quality web site design - either custom design or based on a template (depending on budget).
  • Mobile responsive build - your site will work on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Content that is both Search Engine Optimised (SEO) and written to sell.
  • Tracking accounts and services such as Google Tags Manager (Analytics) and Facebook Pixel.
  • Calls to action, such as basic purchasing, contact forms, newsletter or sales funnel sign-up, and social engagement.
  • Self management of content, including the ability to publish articles.
  • Live chat with Facebook Messenger or other service.
  • Domain registration and web hosting, as required.
  • Training and consultancy.

You can rely on us to build a site that delivers results, as well as forming a solid foundation for your site to grow as your business grows.

Why we don't use WordPress

We think WordPress is great - fantastic even - for quickly launching stunning content and sales based web sites. And with a few plug ins and complementary software such as WooCommerce, advanced functionality like a full featured online store can be built quickly.

It is pervasive, well built, well supported, and perfect for your average web site.

We find, however, that the trouble arrives when you want to go your own way and do your own thing. When you want to be above average. Your WordPress site quickly devolves into a tangle of plug-ins and custom coding that becomes an unmaintable headache. Even then, you are forced to mould your business around the limitations of WordPress and its ecosystem of plug-ins, rather than getting it to do exactly what you want it to do.

While we can and do take over management of existing WordPress sites, we prefer not to use it for new web sites.

What do we use instead?

Depending on the client's requirements, we would normally either;

  • build a site from the ground up, tailor made for the client's business; or
  • use Umbraco as a base for a content management system, and extend the site using custom development. Umbraco, like WordPress, is an open source and widely used CMS, but is designed to be more flexible in its implementation.

Both options are built on Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC, which in turn directly uses core features of the Windows operating system, enabling the rapid development of powerful, flexible and scalable web sites.

Umbraco Registered Partners

We write content!

Many if not most web agencies will build your site, and then ask you to write your own content.

Very few people like writing content, so this more than often causes delays in delivering your site.

But worse, the right content is essential in making your site work. It will be the main factor in whether your site is effective.

Great content needs to be

  • Optimised for search engines.
  • Written for humans to read and understand.
  • Crafted to engage and sell to your customers.

Finding the balance between these requirements is not easy, and a web agency is not doing their job if they expect you to do it. Would a car salesman sell you a car body, then tell you to build the engine?

We work with our customers to carefully craft effective content on their behalf. We believe content is so important, we'll prepare content before a site is designed.

Beautiful design

Depending on preference and budget, we can design your site either from scratch, or base it on an existing template with customisations to suit your brand.

Custom design allows for a original and unique layout for your site built specifically around your brand, business and specialised requirements, but often is time consuming and costly to do.

If you choose to base your design on a template, we will guide you through a process of understanding your requirements, recommending the best templates for you from a number of online marketplaces, and modifying your chosen template to perfectly match your brand and other requirements.

Works on mobile devices

Australians are increasingly using mobile devices, including mobile phones and tables, to browse the web. Nearly half of all web site page views in Australia are now made from a mobile device.

In order to engage many of your web site visitors, your site must be designed to have an effective layout when viewed on a mobile device, while still looking great on a desktop. Sites that do this are called responsive.

Further, Google penalises sites within their search results that are not responsive, meaning less traffic in the first place.

Intellis builds all of our customers' sites to be mobile responsive from the start.

Marketing and engagement in mind

A site that sits on the cloud never attracting visitors, or does nothing to engage any visitors that do arrive has no purpose.

Sadly, most small sites that are built fit this description.

We build tools right into sites we build to encourage visitor engagement through sign-up, contact, chat and social engagement.

We also embed tools to track traffic, visitor activity, and other information including from Google, Facebook, and Instagram. This provides rich insight into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, while also allowing you to target online ads to previous visitors of your site.

Ready for growth

You plan for your business to grow, right? With a well built web site and the right marketing strategies, you can certainly expect it.

Sadly, many sites are not built with growth in mind, meaning that future changes and features often mean going back to the drawing board.

Rather than delivering a web site and then leaving you on your own, we build sites on a solid foundation for growth and provide encouragement and support in further development of your site as your business and income grows.

We enable you to respond to changing market demands and to stay on top of new techniques and trends in marketing and business. We help you implement new ideas and to stay on top of your game.

Anatomy of a site build

  • Discovery
  • Site map and flow
  • Content
  • Design
  • Build
  • Plugins
  • Call to action
  • Live chat
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Deployment

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