Intellis continues to seek talented professionals within the web site and communications industry to work within our team.

We are currently looking for professionals who are passionate about the following technologies:

  • Standards compliant, attractive web interface design.
  • Web development.
  • Asterisk VOIP administration and development.
  • Copywriting and search engine optimisation.
  • Web and email marketing.

We value demonstration of talent through a portfolio of past work and understanding and use of current technology and trends far more than qualifications.

At this time we can only offer work to Australian or Philippines residents with real commercial experience.

Stress free, freelance work for Australians

We engage Australian freelancers on a week-to-week basis, with a list of clearly specified tasks to complete. These tasks are paid on a results basis, at a value pre-quoted by the freelancer, and as soon as the tasks are completed at the end of the week.

So (aside from the quoting process) our team members only need to think about and work on the tasks at hand.

We tend to re-engage freelancers who provide quality work, and work well within our processes on a regular basis, where possible.

This well suits freelancers wishing to supplement their employment or own client work with additional income.

For longer-term freelancers with more time to contribute, we offer guaranteed engagement schemes, profit-sharing options and sometimes employment in project management and consultancy.

Secure, regular employment in the Philippines

We offer our team in the Philippines full time, regularised employment complete with benefits and great pay while still working from home. This is a rare opportunity to gain full time, meaningful work, while avoiding traffic and stifling offices.

Work at home, or wherever you prefer

Our whole team work where they like, at the hours they prefer, on their own machines using their own software. We provide project management, collaboration and source control environments, and both staging and production servers.

If you believe you can bring quality talent to the table, then please fill in our freelance register. No CVs are necessary.

Interested in working with intellis?

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