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Done one of those cycle classes at the gym, where you lean right over the handle-bars and turn the resistance right up, just to wipe you out? OTT they call it - or "Over-the-Top". Crazy stuff!

Well you won't get OTT here.

Wild animations and futuristic sounds on your web site will serve one purpose only; to get in the way of your message. Same goes for long download times, introduction (splash) pages and menu systems that require a training course to navigate.

We believe firmly in KISSing*.

Your site is only designed after considering the message and target of your web site. We design to best work with those specifications, while always keeping in mind that the end product is a web site not a paper brochure, and so should work and look like one.

There are many design factors that go into the web sites we produce (not in any order of importance)

  • A site should work for any web browser or device that is likely to open it
  • It should also be accessible - not alienating the visually or otherwise impaired
  • A user should not have to learn how to use the site - it should be intuitive
  • Animation and sound should be used conservatively to provide nuance to the site. The site should not depend on these.
  • It should follow standards and utilise best practice.
  • It should look great and up-to-date

As with all our work, we provide a completely customised design. We work closely with you throughout the entire process, and never move on (or charge you) unless you are 100% satisfied with the result.

*Come on, do we really need to explain that? Keep It Simple, Stupid

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