It is our specialty to develop highly customised and integrated web site applications. We achieve this by utilising the best and latest technology - technology utilised by large enterprises - and deliver it you so it "just works" - simply and seamlessly.

Our solutions are not just limited to the public Internet either - we can develop intranet, desktop and mobile applications for use within your business to improve work flow, efficiency, communication and (most importantly) to reduce overheads and increase your bottom line.

Advanced User Interfaces

Aware of the latest trends and technology, we develop user experiences that are intuitive and a joy to use.

Web Portals

By building into your site a user management system, you have a site that doesn't just attract visitors, but keeps them coming back for more. We are clever at building such systems as;

  • User profiles and login systems
  • Subscription models such as RSS and email newsletters
  • Peer interaction with commenting, ratings, forums and wikis
  • Loyalty programs and vouchers
  • User history

Web Sales

We won't talk about which shopping cart systems we use because (shhhh.) we don't use any.

Our applications are custom built from the ground up. This means that you won't have to hack away at an existing system so that it works with your range of products - rather your site will be built specifically for your range of products. And speaking of your products, we can load them on to your site, leave it to you, or we can build a system that works with your existing inventory management system to load and synchronise them automatically.

And when it comes to helping your customers give you money, you have a wide range of options depending on your budget and business.

  • Web generated invoices
  • Direct deposit.
  • PayPal, with secure payment notification.
  • Credit Card payments using EWay, Pin Payments, Stripe or a number of other payment gateways.
  • Credit Card payments connecting directly to your bank.
  • Pay it at Post - a solution where your customers pay at their local post office.
  • BPay

For delivery of products, we offer a wide range of solutions as well, such as software/content download and accurate postage rate calculation.

Integrated communication

We can integrate a web site with many other forms of communication. This need not only be one way notification either, but can enable automated two way communication with your visitors.

We have established systems that enable communication via;

  • Email
  • SMS or MMS
  • Instant Messaging
  • Fax
  • Phone. Yes, your web site can even make phone calls.

Third party connections

Your site can utilise and extend other established systems as well. Among the thousands of possibilities out there, here are some that we have experience in connecting to;

  • Saasu NetAccounts - an Australian online accounting system (very good).
  • Zoho CRM - connect your sales force.
  • Basecamp - project management.
  • Flickr - Add, integrate and promote your photos and images.
  • YouTube - need we say more?
  • Google - Adwords, Analytics, Maps and Apps, to name a few
  • Quickbooks - connect your offline accounts too.
  • Australian Business Registry - utilise information about and verify Australian businesses.
  • Microsoft Office - integrate email with Exchange or read Excel spreadsheets (for example).
  • Windows - Integrate your windows users into your site amongst other things.

Social Networking

Build upon and exploit er. make the most of current trends in social networking.

Aside from directly building such things as blog engines into your site, we are also able to connect to other popular social networking and entertainment services such as;

  • Facebook - build Facebook apps, and get your clients to do your marketing for you.
  • Twitter - easily get the word out, and into your site.

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Let us challenge you - come up with a great idea, and we'll make it happen!

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