Organic Search Engine Marketing

By far, the best way of promoting your web site in the long term is to design and build it correctly in the first place so that it is understandable by both your human visitors and computer visitors.

Yes, computers visit (or technically, "spider") your site in order to index it for search engine results. If your site is not constructed correctly, then your web site will not be found or understood by these computers.

The good news is that in order to provide quality results, search engines favour web sites that look like, well, web sites. Nice, well built web sites, with lots of information. Forget advice that gives you special tricks in order to 'fool' search engines into favouring your site. Search engines are clued to these tactics, and may penalise or even remove you from their listings for using them.

We can give advice and services to construct your site well so that it attracts ever increasing visitors that actually want to visit you. And we think one interested visitor is worth more than a thousand that were tricked into visiting your site.

Sponsored Search Engine Marketing

Most search engines offer paid advertisements that are displayed alongside unpaid, organic search results.

While it is best in the long term to aim to appear in those unpaid results, sponsored advertising such as Google AdWords can drive reasonable quantities of targeted, responsive traffic to your site immediately. This is especially good for brand new sites.

We offer services that best utilise this type of advertising, including managing these ads for you and integrating them into your site so that ads are automatically created for each of your products, and so that you can track the effectiveness of conversion of each of your campaigns.

Electronic Marketing Campaigns

Keep in touch with your existing contacts automatically. We can provide the following services and more;

  • Subscriber management in order to comply with Australian spam laws
  • Managed email campaigns, from design to delivery
  • Integrated, automated email campaigns that can be send from within your own web site
  • Two way SMS and MMS campaigns and communication
  • Fax broadcasting
  • Phone broadcasts, announcements, notification and reminders for specific, approved purposes.
  • Automatically initiated phone calls for call centres, sales teams and reminders